Other options

If you want some other options here are some of our favorites, here is a list of different auction sites where you can buy and sell.  If you want to get away from eBay it’s a good choice.  They have nice traffic and nice buyers but they can and will ban you with the quickness.    So don’t let it happen to you and at least diversify your options if you’re a seller.


Yes run away from them.   Just look at this hashtag https://twitter.com/hashtag/ebaysucks.   People realize they suck and are getting away.

Let us know where you go for other options?

I like Bonanza, Web Store and eBid personally.  Etsy is nice if you’re artsy and have some creative skills.   But the traffic isn’t as nice so that’s always a problem but it’s good to have other options.

We would love to hear from you!


Now they’re going after someone selling NYPD patches on eBay.

A former cop-show extra who sells NYPD and FDNY patches online says the city is wrongly playing legal hardball with his eBay business.

Eliot Sash, 59, who has appeared on “Law & Order” and “NYPD Blue,” has been selling cloth patches and other city-related memorabilia, such as gold pins with precinct numbers, on eBay since 2009.

City lawyers last year started accusing him of trademark infringement for selling items with the city’s insignia, he say

They even complained to eBay that his products were counterfeit, prompting the online seller to remove the patches from the site, Sash complains in a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit.

The counterfeit claim was false, says Sash, who insists his wares are either purchased legitimately from collectors or clearly marked “for decorative use only.”

“Every one of my listings has a disclaimer on it,” Sash told The Post.

Besides, the city can’t trademark its own insignia, he says in court papers.

Sash was arrested in 2002 for selling fake NYPD badges. But he claims his previous troubles “have nothing to do with” his eBay store, and that he’s “not in the badge business anymore.”

The city said it will review the complaint.

eBay domain name crackdown.

They also crack down on domain names with their name in it, even if it’s clearly not related.  They have gone after small websites that have no affiliation and make that clear.  They are clearly sue happy, we will keep an eye on this and report back.